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"I've been trading options for 13 years now... Let me tell you, NO ONE understands the in's and out's of the options market like Elliot. Not only is he more than capable of executing trades at the highest level, but he has a way of translating his knowledge to share with his students so that they too can achieve better results. You will NOT find a better options trading instructor than this guy anywhere..."

- Jeremy Blossom
Founder of Investing Shortcuts

Join 1000's of Smart Traders Who Are Becoming Rich Options Jerks!

Meet the Author, Elliot Katz

Creator, Instructor and Coach of The Rich Options Jerk Training Course. With more than 30 years of options trading, training and coaching experience, whether for the Options Institute at the CBOE or the countless individual investors and traders he has personally coached during his long career, no one is more qualified to educate you on how to potentially get on the winning side of more trades.

 Elliot has one goal... To help his students learn the concepts, techniques and strategies that could transform poor options traders into “Rich Options Jerks”! This is your next step in possibly becoming a “rich jerk” of your own. 

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  • My personal approach to STAYING OUT of the poor option traders game... Trading psychology may seem like a 'basic' idea, but it's serves as a foundation for all successful traders.
  • How to use powerful leverage carefully so you can 'super-charge' profits without taking on dangerous risk.
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  •  The Truth regarding the Myth that “80% of All Options Expire Worthless...” That statement is FALSE!!!
  •  Why trying to time a price movement has almost nothing to do with generating profits as Rich Options Jerk.
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The 10 mistakes you're about to discover are EXACTLY what is separating YOU from ME. This is what separates Options Traders from Rich Options Jerks who are, quite frankly, POCKETING ALL YOUR MONEY...  

This Book is a Gold Mine... Inside, You'll Discover:

These 10 Mistakes Are Eating Up to 90% of Your Profits!

These 10 Mistakes Are Eating Up to 90% of Your Profits!

The 10 mistakes you're about to discover are EXACTLY what are separating you from more successful traders who are consistently on the winning side of more trades. This is what separates Options Traders from Rich Options Jerks who are, quite frankly, POCKETING ALL YOUR MONEY...