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Jerremy Newsome is an Investing Shortcuts Trading Educator and the CEO of Real Life Trading. With more than 10 years of trading experience under his belt, Jerremy has developed and maintained his own unique set of trading strategies that are centered around price action, candles, and patterns. If he could have lunch with anyone in the world it would be Leonardo Da Vinci and his favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump.

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Get a complete understanding of the different types of candlesticks and how you can use candlesticks to profit more as a trader.

Part 1: Overview of Candlesticks

Part 2: White Candles

Part 3: Black Candles

Part 4: Doji Candles

The Basics of Candlesticks  (It’s easier than you think!)

Part 5: Hammer Candles

Part 6: Shooting Star Candles

Part 7: High Wave Candles

Learn how to spot the top 8 candlestick patterns and how to position yourself for high-probability trades with predictable outcomes.

Part 8: The Bullish Engulfing

Part 9: The Bearish Engulfing

Part 10: The Dark Cloud Cover

Part 11: The Bullish Counterattack

Top 8 Candlestick Strategies  (You can try them tomorrow!)

Part 12: The Star Reversal

Part 13: The Soldiers

Part 14: The Crows

Part 15: The Wicked Pairs

See real-world examples of highly-profitable trading opportunities that are formed by these predictable patterns every single trading day.

Part 16: Example of ‘The One Black Crow’

Part 17: Example of ‘The White Soldier’

Part 18: Example of ‘The New Black Crow’

Real Examples of Profitable Candlestick Trades 
(Proof that it works!)

Part 19: Example of ‘The Murder of Crows’

Part 20: What’s Next?